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Introducing the key features of TAG VIDEO

FHD, 4K High Quality Video Service

TAG VIDEO supports FHD and 4K quality. Watch the video more easily and smartly than watching it with DVD or Blu-ray.

Multilingual support for global users.

TAG VIDEO supports subtitles in different languages. Global users. can enjoy the content more conveniently

Multi-device support on smartphones, TV, PC, etc.

You can continue to watch the video you've been watching from the point where you stopped. This feature is supported on Mobile App, external display(Chromcast or AirPlay), PC and more.

Protecting Copyrights

TAG VIDEO protects the rights holders. DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology is applied to protect the copyrights from screenshots or image replication.

User Guide

How to use TAG VIDEO

  • Step 1

    Install the app

    Install Nemoz or YG x NEMOZ from Google Play Store or AppStore.

  • Step 2

    Sign Up

    Sign Up' with an email and verify it. Please check the spam mailbox if you do not get the verification email.

  • Step 3

    Email Verification

    Verify the email and press 'Verified' to log in.

  • Step 4

    Turn on the NFC function

    Turn on the NFC function to activate TAG VIDEO(NFC) on your account. For Android, turn on the 'Standard mode'. For iOS, the NFC function is always on.

  • Step 5


    Tag the TAG VIDEO on the back of your device and the activation page will appear on YG x NEMOZ app. For Android, the NFC sensor is normally in the middle of the backside of the device, but it may differ. For iPhone, the sensor is on the top of the backside of the device, near the camera.

  • Step 6

    Album Activation and Enjoying Content

    Press the check button to activate the TAG VIDEO and enjoy the content in various languages.

  • Step 7

    View it on PC

    You can watch TAG VIDEO on your PC. Enter tagvideo.nemoz.io and type in the verification code. Press Cast to > Watch on PC to get the code.

  • Step 8

    Enjoy the video on external devices such as TV

    TAG VIDEO supports AirPlay and Chromecast. You can cast the video to TV or devices that support the function.

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